Klimt02: Schmuck 2013 Munich Germany jewelry fair

Klimt02: Schmuck 2013 Munich Germany jewelry fair

In total over 250 exhibits from 58 goldsmiths and jewellery designers from 18 different countries will be on display at SCHMUCK 2013. Almost 600 goldsmiths and jewellery designers applied to exhibit their works at this famous special exhibition at the Internationale Handwerksmesse. "SCHMUCK is a global competition," explained Dieter Dohr, CEO and President of GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH. "Many artists see this as a top competition and that is reflected, too, in the kind of applications we receive." 

This year the exhibits accepted for SCHMUCK were selected by Bernhard Schobinger of Richterswil in Switzerland. A trained goldsmith, Schobinger is one of today´s leading jewellery designers. His works are regarded as influential in determining new directions in style and the man himself is seen as an artist with a unique aesthetic sense who has broken new ground particularly in avant-garde jewellery design. Not surprisingly, the works selected by him for SCHMUCK 2013, reflect this background. "They include a number of exciting new artists, but also many familiar names," reveals Dieter Dohr. The exhibits at SCHMUCK include works by Robert Baines (Australia), David Bielander (Switzerland), Sungho Cho (Korea), Sam Tho Duong (Vietnam), Kimiaki Kageyama and Ryuichiro Nakamura (Japan) and Bruce Metcalf (USA). 

Selected artists:
Baines Robert, Australien, Bauhuis Peter, Deutschland, Bielander David, Schweiz, Bilenker Melanie, USA ,Blank Alexander, Deutschland, Blyfield Julie, Australien, Borst Kathrin, Deutschland, Burgel Klaus, USA/Deutschland , Chang Hyun Sook, Korea, Chen Ying-Hsiu, Taiwan, Cho Sungho, Korea, D'Agostino Kristin, Neuseeland/USA, Duong Sam Tho, Vietnam, Ďurianová Andrea, Slowakische Republik, Fleck Stephanie, Deutschland, Fritsch Karl, Neuseeland/Deutschland, Fukuchi Kyoko, Japan, Hieda Makoto, Japan, Hiraishi Yu, Japan, Hosking Marian, Australien, Ishikawa Mari, Japan, Iwamoto Mari, Japan, Kageyama Kimiaki, Japan, Kamata Jiro, Japan, Kim Yeonkyung, Korea, Konishi Jun, Japan, Koreck Alejandra, Argentinen, Künnap Julia Maria, Estland, Larsson Agnes, Schweden, Lehtinen Helena, Finnland, Lorenzen Jens-Rüdiger, Deutschland, Luder Natalie, Schweiz, Makigawa Carlier, Australien, Maninger Doris, Österreich, Marsland Sally, Australien, Melland Nanna, Norwegen, Metcalf Bruce, USA, Moon Choonsun, Korea, Mrokon - Monomer Thomas, Deutschland, Nagano Kazumi, Japan, Nakamura Ryuichiro, Japan, Saez Vilanova Estela, Spanien, Savino Giulia, Italien, Sherman Sondra, USA, Skala Lousje, Australien, Syvänoja Janna, Finnland, Taguchi Fumiki, Japan, Takeuchi Mirei, Japan, Tiemroth Sabina, Argentinen, Trekel Silke, Deutschland, Tridenti Fabrizio, Italien, Vogt Luzia, Schweiz, Walker Lisa, Neuseeland, Wu Cia-Xuan, Taiwan, Yeh Wen-Miao, Taiwan, Zanella Annamaria, Italien, Zellweger Christoph, Schweiz

>> Klassiker der Schmuck 2013
Warwick Freeman , New Zeland

Each year at this special exhibition one designer is honoured in a retrospective called "Classic of the Modern". This time it´s the turn of New Zealand designer Warwick Freeman. His pieces are characterised by a reduced, very clear idiom and a particular reference to natural forms.

58 participants from 18 countries:
Argentinen (2), Australien (6), Deutschland (8), Deutschland/Neuseeland (1), Deutschland/Vietnam (1), Estland (1), Finnland (2), Italien (3), Japan (12), Korea (4), Neuseeland (3), Norwegen (1), Österreich (1), Schweden (1), Schweiz (4), Slowakische Republik (1), Spanien (1), Taiwan (3), USA (4)

After the Internationale Handwerksmesse, SCHMUCK will be setting off on tour. In 2013, it will be stopping off in the town of Legnica in Poland, where visitors can admire the pieces as part of the International Jewellery Competition in May 2013. Since 2006 the exhibition has put in a guest appearance in a range of countries, among them Spain (Museo de Illustración y Modernidad, Valencia), Australia (RMIT Gallery, Melbourne), Great Britain (Birmingham City University), Poland (Municipal Art Gallery, Lódz), Italy (Oratorio di San Rocco, Padua), the US (Museum of Arts and Design, New York) and France (Espace Solidor, Cagnes-sur-Mer).